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Temporarily Suspended on Patreon – Still Under Review.

The witch hunt continues. It always comes down to a woman, doesn’t it?

Red Sonja is tied to a chair: guilty or innocent? She is surely guilty of allowing it to happen and that’s very good for us and lewd goblins. But Patreon Trust & Safety team saw in it something forbidden and my page has been temporarily suspended.
All pics from the banned post like this one above. There was nothing about rape in text. Seems like any bounded girl even in posts for patrons is the reason to suspend every BDSM content creators page.

Day Ten: My patreon page is still under review

How long is the Patreon review process? I sent a few support tickets by their email and wrote on their Twitter yet there’s still no reply. Patreon Trust & Safety team remains silent. I hope that situation would be resolved soon, but who knows. One gets the impression that their support service is inconsiderate of other peoples’ time.

Anyway, thanks you guys for your support and patience! I’ll keep doing my utmost to make my page is available as soon as possible.

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