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Our patreon was deleted by Patreon

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Well guys

Patreon has deleted a lot of accounts of my old friends, game developers.

And now is my turn.

The Patreon team has a “progress”

If five years ago Patreon would put your page “Under Review” and communicate, now they simply delete your account along with all your followers without any prelude. Maybe it’s good for their buisness to delete +10 years old account with +3300 patrons base, started with the start of Patreon in 2013.

The incompetence and unprofessionalism of the Patreon staff have noticeably increased. Previously, In the last Patreon Witch Hunt 5 years ago, there was a chance try to explain to a moderator that the phrase ‘sex slave’ could be part of perfectly legitimate (on Patreon) BDSM content.

Now it’s clear that anything a moderator dislikes in private posts immediately leads to the account being deleted. And for sure they will not let you go back or make a talk, just sending the standart template without any details 😉

It’s impossible to predict what they will consider their favorite ‘Glorification of Violence,’ as it depends on the fantasies of amateurs in the adult business.

Any content with ‘people having sex,’ even in private posts uploaded to Patreon, risks losing the entire audience.

Moving to SubscribeStar

As I already told my patrons earlier, when Patreon started mass-deleting my friends’ accounts, we were forced to move to SubscribeStar and Steam, possibly Boosty, to any platforms where professionals care about their business partners.

Henceforth, we will use Patreon only as billing for those who wish to pay through PayPal. It’s a pity there are no other alternatives, and the ultra-puritanical policies of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and other American mega-corporations do not create conditions for the emergence of alternative platforms for small adult indie developers like our studio.

Patreon was the main source of funding for our studio’s game development. Our development team—programmers, animators, artists—was left without means of subsistence in just a few clicks.

Subscribe to Zuleyka Games SubscribeStar right now. We are transferring all the content and games from our studio’s 10 years of work to this platform. Join now and support us in our survival in this crazy world!

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