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Patreon vs Adult Developers – the True

Patreon has always been unfriendly to any adult content creator.

As sample read gamesindustry, kotaku,gizmodo or Open Letter to Patreon from adult developers & backers

What’s the reasons?

  • – Adult creators can’t share even censored nudity to their followers or potential backers
  • – Patreon has really fuzzy rules about adult content in the Guidelines, so each moderator has own point of sign what’s forbidden on Patreon
  • – Patreon’s Trust & Safety team is extremely unprofessional in the moderating adult content and understanding basic adult fetishes

We got the holy messages “This page is under review” from Patreon twice this year: 11 months ago and few weeks ago.

For Zuleyka Games on Patreon page it was about Patreon’s main adult content rule “no nudity” (even censored by clothes or pixels)

Do you think it’s okay? It’s not for Patreon… It’s a sexual pose and implied nudity!!!
Nudity on Patreon

Patreon has banned a lot of pages for arts like this one. And for what we’ve +18 disclaimer on our pages?

And the second favorite rule of Patreon’s Trust & Safety team is “glorifying sexual violence“. They can easily find it in everything… and they really found some bound elves on my page…

We had a long talk with manager Bridget (Trust & Safety team). it was like a dialog about what’s BDSM and why “sex slaves” is not 100% rape
by default.

But it was like a dialog with a person who trying to understand her work well as we see in the letter. So all my respect and love to Bridget!

After almost 1 year and few weeks ago my page was banned again by a new Patreon’s T&S member – Sydney for the same word “Slaves”

BDSM-Pair – Dominant & Slave – Europride 2002 Cologne

… and even “Attack“?! WTF?!!

Sure all disclaimers like this one

All characters made of pixels and are aged 18+ years, their interactions are consensual BDSM roleplay

Sure it works well for all players of the modern adult industry like kink studio

But it’s not enough for Patreon’s team that can see “non-consensual” in words like “attack” or “slave”, so they see rape everywhere…

She’s so nice girl. She unlocked my account just after two weeks of waiting her answers.

As we see from this letter, Patreon’s support team totally don’t understand that BDSM (safe, sane, consensual) can be only 100% consensual adult sadomasochistic activity (WIKIPEDIA)

Maybe it’s just because of:

  • – unprofessional moderating team don’t clearly understand even basic of adult fetishes and management of the adult content
  • – no clear rules to detect consensual/non-consensual content like all other adult paysites have long had in adult business…

For me time of reaction of the Patreon’s support was about 3-7 days on each my tickets/emails, so it can takes 2-3 weeks to have a talk with Trust & Safety team.

So each adult developer on Patreon can easily lose a huge amount of their backers or a monthly income (card processing is not working if your account was suspended). You’d better to be ready to get under canvas…

Are you creating an adult content on Patreon?

Fell free to repost it on your social pages & comment what do you think about all this Patreon’s fun quest for adult developers, guys 😉

P.S. I’ve created a page on


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