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I was shocked why is Patreon support so stupid…


At first Patreon team deleted my 10 years old account in 1 click

And when I asked Patreon to send me our patrons email database…

They send me their template to DELETE MY DELETED ACCOUNT (how is it possible?!)

Sure a big list of burecracy was attached to delete my account (that was already deleted by them).

I don’t know what Trust & Safety smoke, but quality of support for creators is extremly low, mass account deleting without any warrnings for NSFW pictures on NSFW marked page, my letters have 50-60% chance to ignore by Patreon support, usualy any Trust & Safety’s answer is a template.

Maybe they just don’t answer if they don’t have the official Template to answer.
Unfortunatly problems for creators are problems for guys who support them.

Patreon charged back all pledges of deleted accounts, but sorry that I can’t fix their crazy heads, and instead of releasing cool hentai stuff for you guys, we spend time to find a new way to make hot games of our dreams…

Thanks to Cthulhu, we’ve SubscribeStar, these guys are friendly to all hentai creators!

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