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New BDSM with Patreon’s Trust & Safety

18 Mar 2020 | Patreon

Today I got a new happy letter from the Patreon’s Trust & Safety team:

It’s a standard template that means – We found something that looks like “GLORIFICATION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE”.

Last summer the T&S manager found this “glorification” in simple words “slave” and “attack” as I described here:

It seems they haven’t still had any clear and objective Guidelines rules for detecting the “bad content”, so our BDSM/rough sex stuff (100% consensual in all adult industry) might be regarded as “GLORIFICATION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE” by the T&S team.

They can easily ban our page if their manager has own opinion… like “slave = rape” or ” “attack = rape” in last case.

I hope that they have more qualified managers now, who understand the difference between BDSM/non-con stuff and glorification of sexual violence.

If not, I’ll be glad to see you here and (or) on


Just because they don’t ban a creator’s page with the rough sex content…

So sorry guys, Patreon is an extremely risky platform for adult developers nowadays.

I tried to have all those hardcore BDSM with the Patreon team again, but we’ll see what happens next, folks 😉

Stay tuned and pray to Cthulhu! 😉


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