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Reptilian-Goblin and his Big Dick

02 Aug 2019, Fallen Barbarian, Monster, Pin Up

There’s no brave heroine without a villain. Every barbarian girl needs her lewd monster. World, meet Reptilian-Goblin! That reptilian always rushes to the rescue, if he sees big tits of any beautiful barbarian girl near his dark and smelly swamp lair. And his long reptilian…

Patreon vs Adult Developers – the True

02 Aug 2019, Patreon

Patreon has always been unfriendly to any adult content creator. As sample read gamesindustry, kotaku,gizmodo or Open Letter to Patreon from adult developers & backers What’s the reasons? – Adult creators can’t share even censored nudity to their followers or potential backers – Patreon has…