Zuleyka’s Commission


If you have any dark secret fantasies, I’ll be glad to work on an interesting order.

I’ll transform your filthy conception into a juicy, appetising and high-quality art-work…

Commission blog zuleyka

Usual Commission Rules

It’s simple. No guro, scat, vore. I will not do it. Anything else to be welcomed. You’ll get top-quality of renders 4K!

single character of your choosing: male, female, beast, monster etc (per each render) 40$
Extra characters will cost (per each render) +20$
Specific  backgrounds/props will cost (one time only) +10$
I can render an animation in 4K quality (per 1 second of fucking/sucking loop) 130$



You’ll get a scene set from 10-15 and up to a full comic 30-50 4K quality pics (if I liked your idea and it suits our game plot well) just for 199$!

Pledge 199$ on Patreon and you can request as VIP Commission: 1 scene (per month) with any fetishes you want and any models/game characters those we use in the current Game/Comics Projects. 

Your commission & heroine will be added to the current game in-dev on my Patreon.

Write me and for a humble fee, my monsters will be happy to fuck anyone the way you wish… 

Tell me what you want in details and send an example for a stunning result 😉

AS BONUS: You’ll get Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Silver Club Rewards & future updates 😉


Commission Request

Just write my Discord PM (Zuleyka#7052)

or pledge 1$ (QUICK START TIER) and write me PM on Patreon