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Bestiality on Patreon for Dummies

Well, my little hero

If you’re going to crowdfund your own adult game on Patreon, be careful…

Do you think beastiality porn it’s just dogs, horses etc?

Wiki is outdated. Patreon managers tell the true.

Do you think it’s just a Hannibal Cat?
No, it might be a bestiality (fur, paws) + sexual violence (characters in distress engaging in sexualized interaction
) for some Patreon support girls now.

I got a happy letter with love from new Patreon manager Blaire:

Blaire was not so simple like other Patreon moderators who just banned us for soft BDSM artworks (sex with bound ppl = sexual violence), she is a really talented girl and found beastiality even in the fantasy creatures with 100% human dicks…

As we see in her letter… It’s enough to have a fur on your artworks (sorry to all fans of furry) and you’ll get a ban hammer for beastiality on Patreon pretty soon, dude 😉

Sure, there’s no any “fur, paws = beastiality”, “characters in distress = rape” in the official Patreon’s Guidelines , but who cares…

The Walt Disney company is the main developer of bestiality porn for kids.

Sure you can try to talk with a current support girl from Patreon…

Click me to enlarge 😉

And wait for a constructive discussion… There’s a lot of 100% legal paysites with monster porn in the adult industry and nobody counts it as beastiality porn, you say…

But you’ll get a letter with much more “Beastiality” that she found (I got a list of posts with tentacles, goblins, minotaurs and damsels in distress).

Are you thinking to kill all werevolves, furries and unicorns in your game? But, the next support girl has her own point of view on bestiality… It’s a kind of dice game for adult developers.

Can you be so smart to read her mind and predict her thoughts what beastiality is? If not, you’ll lose your work, time and maybe all money to live on (in case of a permanent ban).

Are you still going to fund your XXX adult game on Patreon, buddy?

4 thoughts on “Bestiality on Patreon for Dummies”

  1. Well, I’m not endorsing bullshit for sure.
    But you seem to lack a bit of the legal base of all this, no ?

    If wants to stay open for business, they have to abide by american laws.
    And if they want to stay open internationally (which they sure do, given the insane amount of money it brings them!), they have to obey international laws.
    And creators/developers are just getting the same treatment here.

    And all those laws do NOT make a special case for hentai or work of fantasy.
    Those ARE treated and judged the SAME WAY as real acts.

    In fact, it goes way beyond what you seem to think : whether you take and spreading pictures of a real dog getting forced anal by a guy, or “share a gentle soft furry drawing”, they both fall under the same law, there is no terminology, amendments or sub-laws to make a difference between those two things.
    And if there’s ANY money involved in that, everything will be far worse…

    Moreover, NONE of all the website depicting furries or hentai are LEGAL. (of course they aren’t!)
    It’s not because they stay open that they are!
    In fact, 99% of porn industry is illegal to begin with.
    If there’s sex involved, and money involved, it’s illegal, period, in almost all countries in the world, even if the money goes from producer to human ressources to agents and whatnot : at some point, if it involves a sexual act from anyone, contracts or not, consent or not, it’s illegal, period.

    Body fluid in contact is also totally forbidden by almost all health laws.
    So, here goes almost everything.
    And of course, any kind of bound, slap or whatever can TOTALLY be sued for violence and violence glorification, if it’s immortalized on pictures, videos or whatever.
    And again : there’s no difference, on paper, between “real stuff” and “hentai depiction”.
    So, pictures or drawings, you got the same potential punishment, facing a jury.

    So yes : ending up selling a picture of 2 furries having BDSM without condom, hot damn, you got the whole package right there.
    Of course is to be uuuuultra touchy, regarding any of this.

    And they will keep being a pain in the ass, as long as they aren’t as big and paying as much taxes as big porn industry businesses.
    Because that’s how you “buy” peace, even in perfect illegality : big bucks or discretion. is not discreet anymore, and not big enough to be able to allow anything on their platforms.

    I sure won’t help them shut us all down.
    But not a single thing in all this is legal, facing a jury.
    And knows it, and wrestles us on those.

    So yes : “beauty and the beast” is illegal.
    Good luck making Disney pay for that, but it’s illegal.
    Don’t take it as an example of what you’re allowed to do. We wouldn’t win. It’s not.

    1. Thank you for great & detailed comment, dude!

      Is the furries legal or not?

      Ask Fenoxo and Fek at first:

      Fek has made a great money on furry stuff since 2014
      Fenoxo do it since 2013 (Patreon was started may 2013)

      So they’ve not had any troubles with +20-30k incomes all those years on Patreon
      I know also a plenty other furry creators on Patreon

      Also we’ve the sucsessful crowdfunding platform – Subscribestar (USA legal based company).
      They’re okay with all not-real CG stuff except CP. So furry is tottaly okay and all kind of not-real fantasy rape/BDSM scenes for sure.

      Maybe Paypal guys don’t allow Patreon to be so free… but seems like furry is tottaly okay with USA laws.
      And maybe I’ll go to Subscribe star soon, I like the creative freedom as all we do…

      I know guys who crowdfunding guro on Patreon for years, so Patreon moderation system is not working well.

      Sure, Patreon team is not so stupid to ban top furry or a lot of incest creators with +10-30k aboard.
      Incest might be easily masked with “incest patch”, so a lot of developers make great money with mother/sis/son dad/dauther stuff on Patreon.
      And Patreon girls is happy 😉

      So they’ve extremly unprofessional girls for adult stuff moderation. They don’t understand even basic fetishes and havn’t any experience to work with adult content.
      And those girls create own rules like “fur & paws = beastiality” or “rough sex in bondage/damsels in distress/word “sex slave” = rape” etc.

      And small developers have some troubles. Becouse their werevolves furry becomes illegal beastiality…
      Nothing to do…

  2. You are wrong to equal bestiality with “fur,paws”. There has to be a human involved. So you won’t get banned for only using furries.

    1. Thanks for the comment 😉 The post is not about my modest opinion of what a furry or bestiality is. It’s about incompetent Patreon moderators and their understanding of such fetishes.

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