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FALLEN BARBARIAN – Running & Fighting Tactic

09 Jul 2019 | Animation, Chaos, Fallen Barbarian, Games

It’s an important action for any modern fighting game. Now your sexy barbarian has a super mobility.

I run…to give you the best look of my sexy booty πŸ™‚
Such a gifted barbarian knows how to use a sword πŸ™‚

By Running a player can:

  1. Approach the opponent quickly but sticking to the ground

2. Stop at any moment, with freedom to block, to perform a Low Attack, an Overhead Attack and any other type of movement such as Jumping or Rolling to evade, retreating, etc.

3. When timed well, it can be used to anticipate the opponent’s movements by running and attacking (when they attack or try to jump)

4. When a player does a Jump, it can actually pass below it, end in the back of a player, and the Running character can then turn and attack the opponent in the back, successfully punishing them for jumping.

P.S. I’m in just a few steps to create monsters and XXX 2D animations for the Fallen Barbarian. 

  How do you like it, guys?

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  • TTT

    Hey whats going on with your patreon? its been down for a little while now.

    • Zuleyka

      My page has been temporarily suspended. Unfortunately, Patreon support service is not to rush solving that problem. I’m waiting on the results. Hope this gets fixed this week.


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