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FALLEN BARBARIAN – Super High Strike: Rip her Bra off

26 Jun 2019 | Animation, Chaos, Fallen Barbarian, Games

It’s the right time to use the Super High Blow to destroy armored bra of your enemies now! Enjoy 🙂

Watch out, bud, you’re playing with Barbarian 🙂

Super Strike vs Armor

It easily rips your enemy’s bra off (or her panties, if she’s jumping). You don’t need to destroy enemy’s health in the Fallen Barbarian, if you can just rip her clothes and lewd creatures help you to finish her…

Super Strike vs Flesh

You get instant victory if you land your super strike on enemy’s unprotected body! One strike and one win like in the classic Barbarian game! It’s cool! 

Super Strike vs Block

There are plenty situations in classic fighting games when your enemy blocking all time and it becomes really annoying. It won’t be a problem for the Fallen Barbarian. You can use your SUPEEER Powerful High Blow to broke the High Block and disarm your enemy. 

Yeah, it’s my little surprise for you guys, you can lose your sword and fight unarmed (and maybe naked), until you get it back for sure 😉  It can be hard and funny when you play with friends.

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