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Fallen Barbarian – High Block Stance & Gameplay

08 May 2019 | Animation, Chaos, Fallen Barbarian, Games

A plenty ugly creatures are waiting in the dark to see the barbarian tits… So now our heroine can protect her beautiful head from any oral intruders or her bra from enemy swords.

Fear me, monsters, if you dare!

As you can see she also learned to defend her ass and panties with Lower Block Stance and the bra with High Block.

Maybe we will make two HP bars like this one:

Bra:         👙👙👙👙👙

Panties: 👙👙👙👙👙

instead a usual HP health bars in the FalleN BarbariaN.

So a player should use low and high sword attacks to rip out an enemy’s bra and panties for the victory!

And to watch how the awful monsters catch their enemy and reward her pussy, ass and mouth by their disgusting monster dicks…

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