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FALLEN HEROINE – Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

07 Jul 2019 | 3D porn, Chaos, Fallen Heroine, Games

This has happened after End of the Old World when mighty the Ancients destroyed each other in the light of the Thousands Suns.

Many hundred years we’ve just tried to survive in the new world, fighting with monsters and killed each other in countless bloody wars, but now we’ve the Queen and she has to rule us all to save a peace and Holly Order…

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy setting gives me a freedom to create almost all:

  1. Orcs or humans vs proud elves (classic fantasy)
  2. Elves vs lustful mutants or monsters (post-apocalyptic)
  3. Zombies from genetic labs or even zombie elves 😉 (zombie setting)
  4. Cyborgs or robots with build-in fucking machines! (cyberpunk) e.t.c

I really hope to create something unique (as always ;)). Sure it 100% depends on your support, guys!

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