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  1. I am not able to play the game. I have tried on the android and also my window pc and neither one is working. any advise would be helpful.

    1. Not yet, Hardcore trainings are about MF, MMF etc. But maybe some lesbian scenes with captured superheroines will be added later.

  2. Hi, I was playing the 0.3.5 version, and I was a bit disappointed to find that the hardcore training level had no Harley/Wonder Woman scene options especially since I was playing with WW as a Lesbian. I was wondering if there are any plans to add any lesbian hardcore training options in the future (like maybe Harley using a strapon on WW scene, or a scene where she’s being fucked by Harley, Ivy and Catwoman at once, etc.),

    And also if the final training level (above 75% MC) will have lesbian options (like public sex scenes with other women, for example there is that redhead who is shown taking photos of WW while she’s being paraded around naked, that I think would be perfect for some lesbian scenes with WW, as well as some other women).

    Also, when WW battles Harley as she tries and escapes, I think there should be a scene added for when Harley recaptures WW, right now it just shows Harley recuffing WW, no sex scene, which I think would be a great addition.

    Also if there is a lesbian option for a final boss battle, maybe WW getting gangbanged by the female league members and villainesses at once or something, I think that would be a great added feature for the game.

    Also, I think the difficulty needs to be ramped up, or a hard mode should be added, in my most recent playthrough, I was able to get WW up to 75% MC in under 20 days and no Black Widow showing up at all.

    Here’s a few ideas I have that might increase the difficulty, have Black Widow get into the game earlier, like maybe once you hit 25% MC she starts showing up immediately, and unless she gets captured, she keeps on coming (right now she disappears around 75% MC, even if you haven’t captured her).

    Another is maybe have the Justice league girls get involved, right now they just sit by and watch, and I think that is a missed opportunity to add a layer of difficulty, maybe have them act as well to try and rescue WW, maybe once you hit 50 or 75% MC (plus if black widow gets captured, you could have them try and rescue her, and get her back in the mix).

    A third is have wonder woman try and escape on her own even when she’s below 30 anger, just have it occur some times in the night as random events, and that you can only stop it if you have the camera (maybe the first time you don’t need the camera, but after the first time, you realize you have to have the camera to stop it in the future).

    Also when the Henchmen go to rape her at night, there should be a high likelihood that she beats them up and tries to escape, especially if the henchmen are weak (like maybe 50% chance that she beats them up).

    1. Thank you for the great feedback & ideas!

      Maybe later, there’re a lot of lesbian content with Harley, Catwoman & Black Widow in the early trainings & prison, Poison Ivy lair scenes.

      Sure, the Justice league girls get involved for planned updates with lesbian stuff.

      when the Henchmen go to rape her at night, there should be a high likelihood that she beats them up and tries to escape, especially if the henchmen are weak

      That’s intresting idea, thank you

  3. is there any other method for payment to become a platinum member I am from Indonesia and I don’t know how to pay to become a platinum member and I don’t have a credit card and pay pal

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