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Happy Holidays | Xmas Gift

Merry Christmas, my dear villains!

It’s so magical to awake Christmas morning if you’re a kid. Let’s return to our childhood for a while!

There’s a festive atmosphere… Fun… All that anticipation…

I hope you remember what it felt like to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, desperately wanting to keep your eyes open in the hopes of seeing Santa, but falling asleep in pure exhaustion. Maybe you also remember the frenzy of each moment as you tear open your presents only to discover the next best thing.

Did you hear that? Santa is coming 🙂

Santa left you a little present. Unwrap it and inside you’ll find lots of love, peacefulness, and happiness. Don’t forget to share these invaluable treasures with your family, friends, and important people in your life.

Bada-bing, bada-boom. There is one more gift for you. It was sent to you by a famous supervillain couple and their wonder slave. Enjoy!

I hope you’ll like your gift!

P.S. Wonder Slave Trainer 0.5.2 is coming soon. It’s tentatively scheduled for Reward Day – 5 January 2022. We’ll continue to work hard to finish it in time.
WST 0.5.2 will include important enhancements and fixes, a new game system for balancing the gameplay, and festive ХХХ content. I’ll tell you more about the upcoming release in my next post.

Hope you have a relaxing Christmas and great fun celebrating!
Thank you for all your support this year.


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