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Wonder Slave 0.6 News & New Renders

10 Dec 2021 | Games, Wonder Slave

Hey folks!

Good news! Six collections of images for WST Futa Nazis events are now added to the Dropbox Rewards. These events will be included in Wonder Slave Trainer Episode 0.6 we’re currently working on.

We have tentative plans to release this update in Jan-Feb 2022. It’s most likely in mid-late January.

Of course, I’ll inform you of any significant developments as work on this chapter’s progress.

Here’s a little sneak peek of WST 0.6 image sets in the Dropbox Rewards:

Zuleyka’s Dropbox is available for Platinum Club. If you’re a platinum patron, you can find the latest stuff in the following directory of Zuleyka’s Dropbox: “Dropbox\Zuleyka Games\Platinum\Wonder Slave\Villains\Futa Nazis”.


Would you like to see all my exclusive content? Join Platinum level and you’ll get access to Zuleyka’s Pornbox where you’ll find everything from comics to the latest WST renders.

I hope you enjoy it, you up-and-coming villain!

Thank you for following Wonder Slave’s development!

May your cold winter days be filled with dirty sexy things!

Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip 🙂

See you soon!


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  • David

    Though I’m finding the Patreon experience difficult as I’m a main offline gamer and try to minimise my online exposure so find a request for monthly payments difficult much prefer a access fee to the moment or month.

    That aside I’ve been engrossed with your wonder slave concept, my one little critic would be this obsession of every female having a 48++++ size breast. Your harley mesh has a perfect light skinny girl butt but must have gone in for super-humongous breast implants. [ Harley Quinn with no baseball bat, poor wonder slave has missed out. ]


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