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Domina The Elf and her Handsome Monster

I’ve finished my latest commission. And that’s a wonderful part of my job that I’m passionate about. You know, my working with your ideas is always like a kind of magic, turning your innermost fantasy into the sensual images that tell your special story.

Meet Domina, a saucy elven girl with a big cock obsession.

Domina the Elf never know where her dirty mind will take her.

This monster has so often been called handsome, so it’s practically his middle name now. Ultimately, he just came to believe in his awesomeness.

This handsome monster has no doubt that any beautiful girl wishes to serve his cock.

Today Domina came from far and wide, to be captured by his eternal charm.

“Lean forward and give me your ass or risk being blinded by my awesomeness” the monster said to Domina.

I hope you like it 🙂 Enjoy!

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