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Wonder Slave – Happy Valentine’s Day from Harley and Joker

14 Feb 2021 | 3D porn, Games, Wonder Slave

It’s just a quick post to say… 🧡🧡 Happy Valentine’s Day! 🧡🧡

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself with kindness (and a lot of chocolate) today!

I have a little gift for you. Hope you like the WST holiday renders.

Wonder Slave Trainer: Episode 0.3 will be released just in a week – 21 Feb 2021. So stay tuned!

My most heartfelt thanks go to everyone who’s joined my community on Patreon. My game development would not have been possible without you.

On this very special day,
I’m sending you
a big Valentine’s Day hug 🙂


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