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Wonder Slave Trainer 0.5.2 Announcement

28 Dec 2021 | Games, Wonder Slave

I just wanted to take a moment to give you an update on the upcoming release. Let’s see the main features included in the Wonder Slave 0.5.2 build.

Wonder Slave Trainer 0.5.2 Features:


  1. Harley & Joker festive event (4K renders)
    The villains make a sexy celebration with every major progress achieved in Mind Control.


  1. Implemented new hidden game mechanics – “Director” aimed at balancing the gameplay.
    It will control our evil random generator on Easy and Medium difficulties and give you a better gaming experience. So you don’t get a super long winning or losing series.
  2. The Easy Difficulty mode has been balanced by adding a 25% roll bonus. The Middle Difficulty has been improved by adding a 10% roll bonus.
  3. Black Widow recovery time (after intensive interrogations) is increased: 1-3 days for Hard difficulty, 3-5 for Middle, and 5-7 for Easy difficulty.


  1. The game frame rate is now set to 30 FPS. You’ll get longer battery life and more silence on laptops and other mobile devices.
  2. Rewritten a lot of dialogues.
  3. Updated the Mind Control descriptions for Easy, Middle, and Hardcore Training (1-75 Mind Control).
    You’ll see if you can easily get the next mind control points or the training was outdated and you should use more powerful training to be more successful in enslaving the superheroine’s mind.
  4. The “Final Battle” event now starts with the “Fall of Wonder Woman” scene.

I keep working on polishing the game. And just doing my best. The WST 0.5.2 release date remains the same. As promised, this build will be released on Jan 5th, 2022.

After that, we’re straight onto WST Episode 0.6! We made certain progress in developing its content but we’ve still got a lot of work to do before its release.

I hope you’ll spend the last days of 2021 in good company and enjoy the holiday spirit. Thank you for staying with me throughout this whole insane year. We’ll talk again soon! Stay safe!

With Love,

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