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Sylvanas – Visiting Orcs

Recently came to me the idea to create a computer game …

The heroine of the game  must be Sylvanas. Sexual adventures of Queen of the Damned will be dangerous, but very fun and excitatory 🙂

And now I present to you some of the sketches for the future of the game) ..






4 thoughts on “Sylvanas – Visiting Orcs”

  1. I’m sorry my sister gave me the wrong name.

    Hi Zuleyka,

    You are such a beautiful and extraordinary artist. The depth of emotional passion and sexual heat you express in your erotic art just flows from your beautiful pictures like a lustful fire. The pictures you make are so sexually powerful my legs sometimes shake like crazy and I get goosebumps all down my back when I view them .

    I’d like to pay you for a public commission from you that you could then sell to your fans to make additional money.
    Please email me at:

    Thank you so much for your incredible art.

    Thank you for your time.



  2. Dear Zuleyka,
    you are drawing pics from my phantasy (and sometimes real) life. Love how those monsters grab the gorgeous, sexy, fakable, yet innocent girls and fill all their holes.
    Best of luck in all your future endeavors

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