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Poll: New Succubus – Dark or Fair

23 May 2019 | 3D porn, Chaos, Fallen Heroine, Games, Poll

I finished a little beauty rework of the last Succubus model. As an alternative, I prepared a Blonde Succubus. So what do you think, folks?

Dark or Blonde? Which one do you prefer?

1. Dark Succubus v2.0 (more cute face)

2. Blonde Succubus (New Model)

Check out 4k samples before you vote!

See 4k pics & Vote for your Succubus

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  • Jaszaric

    Both look great. Red Hair though always screams “mischievous”. Cheers regardless of choice.

    • Zuleyka

      Thank you for feedback, dude 😉


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