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Fallen Heroines Alignment Chart

20 May 2019 | Chaos, Fallen Heroine, Games

We’ve finished with basic characters in the Fallen Heroine, so I can show you something interesting. Maybe you saw something like this one:

It’s the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments chart. I guess all watched the GoT series.

So, you’ll be okay with the Fallen Heroines Alignment too.  Enjoy 🙂

Our heroines are so different, but they sure look good together, don’t they?

I hope if all goes well with the support of this project and my time… you’ll get +3 (I hope on 9) playable Heroines in the FH, from the Angel  (Lawful Good) to Dark Elf  (Chaotic Evil) with own stories, special gameplay, fetishes and XXX scenes for sure.

I think some models needs a little glamour rework and polish, so don’t be shy to comment here
I’ll start a little heroines voting soon to be sure what kind of heroines would you like to see in the game 😉

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