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FALLEN HEROINE – Angel Aniel the Joy of God

01 May 2019 | 3D porn, Chaos, Fallen Heroine, Games

“A fallen angel, in the dark
Never thought you’d fall so far
Fallen angel, close your eyes
I won’t let you fall tonight
Fallen angel …”

Three Days Grace.

I’m thinking about to make Angel Aniel a playable character in the Fallen Heroine. She will start her angelic reign in Kingdom of Mortals and a player can slowly corrupt her to the Evil Queen. Because any power corrupts…  

Her name means the Joy of God. Aniel came to the land of mortals to fight with demons and build the Kingdom of God.
Strengths:  Aniel has the Absolute Power in land of mortals.Weaknesses: the Angel hasn’t it,  she’s perfect!
What the mortals say… Power corrupts… and Absolute Power can corrupt even an angel!

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