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Whorelords of Draenor project on Offbeatr

01 Aug 2015 | Whorelords of Draenor

Day ago we launched Whorelords project on Offbeatr. The first results encouraging, we have already collected 5% of the vote.

Help Orc Whorelords to conquer the Azeroth and hardcore fuck beautiful heroines of World of Warcraft!


Vote for us on Offbeatr!

Support the game on Patreon!

Support me on Patreon!


  • Los

    I would prefer to pay you by Patreon if I you could create account there.

  • David

    Suggest having a Patreon account, team up with other Partreons with your same interests and projects

  • Porl

    Have u abondoned the whorelords project? It’s SOOOO hot I would pay anything for more animations like the teaser!

    • Zuleyka

      I’m glad you like it. Now, I’m working to revive the project. After the Offbeatr closed, I had to stop work.. But now I opened my account on Patreon. I hope the development of the game will support those who like it..

  • Peun Aid

    Hello for me the videos do not show up for erotic scenes. What should I do?


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