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Wonder Slave Trainer | Valentine’s Day Pin-Up

14 Feb 2022 | Games, Wonder Slave

What are your plans for Valentine’s day? Don’t you mind if I steal you for a little bit? 😉

There are three romantic females who are in anticipation to share their love with you on this special day.

Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Hypno want to pamper you with their pinup-themed session. Enjoy!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Slave Trainer

Love is one of the most powerful forces in life and a key ingredient to making our world a better home.
The modern world is too materialistic. The heart we should want to see is not on a piece of paper nor on a card, it isn’t in a box of candy or in long-stemmed roses. This heart is within each of us, and the feelings that we display on this particular day should be shared every day and to all!

Love to each and all, today and in every day of your forever!

Diana of Themyscira

Harley Quinn

Wonder Slave Trainer

You’re my perfect egg sandwich. Yummy yum yum. That’s CRAZY sauce! Fucking fabulous! Unarguably the best one I’ve ever tasted.

Harleen Frances Quinzel

Dr. Hypno

Wonder Slave Trainer

“Remember love is medicine. What your body does need more than ever right now is love, so try giving that to yourself and others as often as you can. In a season of hard realities, the medicine of love is particularly powerful — it’s also proven, free, and approved for all ages. Let’s do what we can to spread it.

Ms. Hypno

JFYI, if you haven’t played the Wonder Slave Trainer game yet, you can try it free:


I hope you liked it!

Whatever you plan to do for Valentine’s Day, enjoy every second of your life.

Thanks for your support.


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