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Wonder Slave Trainer game – On halfway to release…

26 Apr 2020 | Games, Wonder Slave

Hey my dear little fappers! Good news!

We’ve made a lot of great progress with Wonder Slave Trainer (Superhero BDSM Simulator). Now it’s ready by 50%. We still have a lot of hard work with coding & writing, sounding, but the 3D artworks are almost done.

Main Screen

The game starts with the intro scenes & choosing of perks (Lesbian, Slut, Slave etc). It gives some bonuses and may totally change your training strategy.

Main Actions & GUI

You’ve an Angry (Red), Lust (Pink) & Mind Control/Corruption (Blue) stats of Wonder Woman.

Your goal is to corrupt the superheroine and change her mind (Mind Control = 100%) to make the proud heroine just a lustful & wet Joker’s slut.

Harley will help with the training and her mates Poison Ivy & Catwoman will find what their old friend needs to train the slave well too.

Use Sex Trainings & Punishments to get her Mind Control 100% to win the game, but it’ll be hardcore to train a strong, unruly fighter such as Wonder Woman.

League of Justice will do their best to destroy your evil, crazy & lewd plans soon. So you should be fast & smart to finish the corruption of Wonder Woman in time.

The game mechanics is based on the Dungeons & Dragons system & oldschool PC games like Neverwinter Nights.

You can choice a lot of actions:

  • Sex Training: soft lesbian, sex toys & huge dildos, hardcore (anal, deepthroat, DP), extreme
  • Punishments: Whipping, closing in-cage, public humiliation, drawing dirty marks on body, sex machines etc
  • Talks & Mockery
  • Shopping with Ivy & CatGirls
  • and other the most perverted hentai stuff from Zuleyka 😉

+ 6 Lust

The succesful trainings will increase Wonder Woman’s Lust as sample by Dice Roll 1d6, so you’ll get more chances for the fast corruption of the superheroine next time.

+6 Angry… It’s a really bad final of the Dildo training.

If your superhero slave gets a lot of Angry, your chances to corrupt her Mind is going down, so you need Punishments

The public Punishments will help you to take control of your slave, decrease her Angry and make some good money ($) from your mafia friends.

All the villains and Joker’s henchmen for sure will be very happy to see all the falling of Wonder Woman!

Also you’ll get some cool superfucking hero plot & random sex events that can change your game too.

Help Harley & Joker to take control & corrupt the Wonder Bitch!


I’m doing my best to release the Wonder Slave Trainer ASAP, but our main funding is +100 backers driven Patreon now, I love them all who support our small indie studio, but it’s nothing even to pay our bills.

We also have a big headache with Trust & Safety girls & their crazy, unpredictable adult content moderation. They can easily close in few clicks all funding and destroy our hard work just for some softcore looking BDSM scenes (for all normal people).

So it will be a miracle to release the first stable Wonder Slave alpha in next 1-2 months. I hope on your understanding, guys…

We’ve a big lack of funding to develop our major project such as Wonder Slave (+ Fallen Barbarian & Fallen Heroine), so many thanks you for any pledges on our Patreon.

Thanks to all my backers!

You help me a lot, guys!


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