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It’s time to introduce Wonder Slave Episode 0.6.4.

What can you expect from this release? Let’s focus on its details:

Release Features

WST 0.6.4


  • ✔️ +5 New Deepthroat animations.


  • ✔️ Fixed Video Playback on Win10 (HD to 4K videos 20000 bitrate H264 codec).
  • ✔️ Fixed Hypno Event “Japan Schoolgirls”.
  • ✔️ GUI bug in the Black Widow Prison event.
  • ✔️ Minor bugs.

WST 0.6.3


  • ✔️ Story event “Dr. Hypno meets Japan Schoolgirls” (starts after +30 Mind Control at night).
  • ✔️ New event “Wonder Woman as Sexy Maid” to earn a lot of $$$ once a day.
    To start a big cleanup, buy the maid outfit at Poison Ivy’s Shop.
  • ✔️ New poster with Starfire for the upcoming WST 0.7.


  • ✔️ Minor bugs.

WST 0.6.2

The Nazi XXX events will start at night if there are no other major story scenes:


  • ✔️ 6 New Wonder Slave vs Villains animations for the Gangbang training (starts at night after the Gangbang training).
  • ✔️ 2 Major Nazi XXX events (+110 renders total).
  • ✔️ Mutants Gangbang (available at night after the Double Penetration training).
  • ✔️ Nazi Double Penetration (starts at night after the Double Penetration training as well).
  • ✔️ Special Nazi oral tortures WW animation (begins at night after the Nazi Double Penetration event).
  • ✔️ A lot of XXX sounds to all Nazi vs WW events.


  • ✔️ Fixed always 1 dice roll in the Hardcore mode.

WST 0.6.1


  • ✔️ Nazis vs Wonder Boobs event (available after Tits training on the 1st night or the 2nd night).
  • ✔️ Whipping Wonder Slave (available after the Whipping punishment, at night).
  • ✔️ Wonder Pussy Hard Fucking by Futa Nazi (available after the Pussy training, at night).
  • ✔️ Wonder Woman and Nazi Sex Machine (available after the Sex Machine punishment, at night).
  • ✔️ Nazi Anal Torture (available after the first Anal training, at night).


  • ✔️ Text color in dialogues for a better reading experience.

Sexual content currently in the game includes:
Corruption, Mind Control, Domination, Submission, Punishments, Bondage, Humilation, Sex Toys, Multiple Gangbangs, LesDom, Futanari, Voyeurism, and more!


You gained unlikely allies in the shape of the Fascists, Wonder Woman’s great enemies. Rumor has it, that they possess some sort of secret weapon capable of bringing any superheroine to her knees.

Given the Nazis are very secretive, we still know nothing about their methods. So now you’ll be the first to watch them in action.

“Nazi Bad Dreams” Night Events

Now the game remembers what kinds of training or punishments you use throughout the day, and if they cause Wonder Woman’s memories, the “Nazi Bad Dreams” XXX events will be shown at night.

There are 7 Nazi cutscenes in Wonder Slave Episode 0.6.2. They start at night if there are no other main story events. If they are, the Nazi events will appear the next night.

If some training sessions throughout the day cause two events of the “Nazi Bad Dreams” series at once, one of them will be shown at the night, and the other one will be delayed until it’s activated again.

The Nazi events that you’ve already seen will not be shown again in the current game even if you click the “Skip” button for the “Wake up” event.

Whipping Wonder Slave

You can never have too much whipping – that’s what Officer Ingrid always says.

Take your magic whip and punish Wonder Slave, if you want to see a Special Night Whipping Session by the Futa Nazis.

Nazi vs Wonder Boobs event

It’s National Grab Boob Day!

Give Wonder Woman’s tits the attention they deserve. Then you’ll see the Wonder Jugs night fun arranged by the Nazis.

Wonder Pussy Hard Fucking by Futa Nazi

Officer Helga van Hest considers that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Train the Wonder Slave’s pussy properly throughout the day, and the Futa Nazis will take care of her sweet tight hole at night.

Nazi Anal Torture

Anal penetration is a big deal. The superheroines protect their anuses, believing that allowing anything beyond their holy gates would permanently corrupt them.

Use Anal Training in the daytime and the Futa Nazis will enjoy the Wonder Slave ass at night.

Wonder Woman and Nazi Sex Machine

To goal of punishment usually is to stop undesirable behavior. But in fact, punishment may also have a facilitative to motivating effect as Nazi scientists have found.

If you’ve achieved +75 Mind Control, you can buy “Sex Machine” in Ivy’s Shop (Catwoman-BDSM Devices). It’s recommended to punish Wonder Woman with this powerful tool in the daytime. It lets you access the Nazi Fucking Machine event at night.

Futa Double Penetration 

These Nazi females are reaping the sweet rewards of vengeance. Both, at the same time.

Let your two minions have fun with Wonder Woman in the daytime and the Futa Nazis will have a hardcore threesome with her at night. I bet they’ll show her some tricks.

To see this event, use the Double Penetration training.

Nazis and Mutant Orgy

Gangbang fun goes on. Meet a new pet of Nazis – a Mutant. They call him Superhuman.

Undoubtedly his appearance at the Nazi sex party will become a highlight of the night for Wonder Woman.

Don’t forget to use the DP training during the daytime to get a special monster night.

Special Nazi Oral Torture

Officer Helga thinks that the hard oral practices can reveal hidden talents in Wonder Woman. It appears she’s correct in her approach.

Oral Torture animations are available at night after the Nazi Double Penetration event.

Doctor Hypno vs Minions

Your minions are getting out of control again. This time Doctor Hypno comes to the rescue. So it is a good time to know more about her methods.

This event will start at night if there are no other major story scenes. You should have +30 Mind Control.

Wonder Woman’s Maid Service

Every superhero must benefit society. What luck, you have a job that suits Wonder Woman’s particular skills. Furthermore, her work will bring additional income to you.

Wonder Woman can help people again. She has to enter the unequal battle against a formidable foe – garbage. It’s time to equip her with a mop and a bucket.

Don’t forget first to buy a “Maid Outfit” in Ivy Shop. After purchasing the maid outfit, the “Work” option will become available on the main menu. You can use it once a day.

A Great Adventure Awaits. Good Luck, Supervillain!




Did you find a bug?
Do you need some help?
Write me a PM (Discord: Zuleyka#7052) or on the #wonder_slave channel of our Discord!

Enjoy your game!
A HUGE thank you for your support!


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