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Wonder Slave | New Animations are coming…

Wonder Woman Dildo Deepthroat in 1080p

Hey my dear backers

We’re going to focus on High Quality 4K animations in our next releases.

Thanks to your great pledges last month, we’ve got enough funding to hire an animator, the talented guy, who likes hardcore hentai things as we do and we’ve already started to create superhero fucking videos. Hurray!

So you’ll get a lot of tasty hentai animations in the next Wonder Slave Trainer releases and other projects. I hope we’ll get enough funding to develop longer videos and hire some cool & sexy voice actresses.

Many thanks to all our backers for their amazing support of our little gamedev studio Zuleyka Games on Patreon.

It’ll help us to make a Hot as Hell hentai stuff for you, guys!



Wonder Woman Face Fucking in 4K

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