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Ultragirl and Futa Panther

21 Feb 2017 | Comics, Futa, Rough sex

Futa panther. A mastermind and ringleader,a villainess as intelligent as she is utterly ruthless.
It hadn’t been more than few days since Kitty and her red-headed lover had taken the Clyttorian, Ultragirl, captive… but already Velvet had gotten word of the capture….
And it hadn’t been long at all before she made the arrangements to have the two other villainesses ambushed, the clyttorite whip and their subdued prize stolen away from their unconscious, cum-drenched figures.
Ultragirl would now have a new owner.
The time Ultragirl had spent with her two captors had been a transformative one.
Whether it was from Nightshade’s toxic pheromones or simply the excessive application of all that hard girlcock, Ultragirl was driven to distraction. She was nervous… but part of her wanted more.
Needed more.

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