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Fallen Heroine – Kitty the Warrior & mr. Rat

Without further ado, I introduce you one of the most unusual couples in Fallen Heroine.

This is Kitty, a new character in Fallen Heroine game project. She has a soft spot for mr. Rat.

Kitty was a human, but her promising warrior career as a guild adventurer was broken when she has started to release her big dream to become a “Big Kitty“. But an evil goblin alchemic had a bad humor, so Kitty is a half-tiger and half-human and hate goblins very much…

Her half-transformation state give her inhuman abilities: super strength, agility and health. So she spend a plenty days just killing goblins in their hidden dungeons. 

The lustful creatures call her Tigger and try to defeat and gangbang her many times, but she has always been too strong for the stupid little monsters. Her most happy days were soaked with a green goblin blood.

But one day has changed her life, when she met the brave mr. Rat and fall in love with him.  The life is strange. So now you know all her weaknesses and strong sides.

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