Fallen Barbarian



16 Jun 2019

High Strike is a new useful skill for a pretty female barbarian to cut a lewd goblin in two.This combat ability can also help to defend yourself from an air attack (flying kick) or maybe parry the sword flying right in your head.

FALLEN BARBARIAN – Rolling: Combat Skill

09 Jun 2019

The Rolling is an unique barbarian skill to knock over an enemy and dodge a sword flying to head or paws of lustful goblins… There’re so much troubles for female heroines in my games. So now we’ve a good rolling skill to fight vile creatures…

Fallen Barbarian – High Block Stance & Gameplay

08 May 2019

A plenty ugly creatures are waiting in the dark to see the barbarian tits… So now our heroine can protect her beautiful head from any oral intruders or her bra from enemy swords. As you can see she also learned to defend her ass and…