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Ultragirl vs Futakitty

14 May 2016 | 3D porn, Comics, Futa

Futakitty — Cat-Burglar, Master Thief, Part-Time Super villainess. Known to heroes as the Nightmare of the Alleyway, her lovers call her the Silk Demon, but to those who fill both roles, she’s known as Futakitty. Using her skill, agility, intellect, and powers of seduction, she takes whatever she wants… be it cash, jewels, priceless artifacts, or the virginity of the young heroines who would dare try to stop her.

Ultragirl — Superheroine, an “unstoppable” alien from the planet Clyterra. She’s been making quiet a splash on the scene of her adopted home city of Orgopolis, both for her unbelievable strength and speed, but for her sensuous curves and adorable face. As loved by the people of her home city as she is lusted after by them, she may be the last chance to stop Futakitty from escaping with nearly forty million dollars in raw diamonds…


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