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Fantasy Elven Slave Auction

26 Jun 2014 | Monster

Yesterday I was walking around the city. Summer, sea, good weather …

Girls have taken heavy fur coats and thick sweaters off and now are wearing some short dresses 😉  Moreover, the beach – mmm, lovely nymphs in a bikini! You can’t take your eyes off! So I was lucky enough to meet one of these beauties – tall, slender, long-haired brunette. But I’ve failed 🙁 She was heterosexual and I was not in her interest.

Later on, I’ve spent the night in sorrow. I was thinking, why cannot we come to the market and buy some as beautiful slaves as she was. But it was before I had an idea for a new series and her you can see it..

Scene2 FionaScene1 Jafrane

Scene33 end episode3 Scene5 Scene3 PrincessScene67Scene49 end episode2



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