Patrons Club


Wonder Slave | Harley Quinn | New Renders

Patrons Club, Platinum Patron

Special for Platinum Club. Exclusive set of images with Joker’s henchmen and Harley Quinn. This artwork collection also offers a quick peek at one of the events that will be added to the next update of the game.

Fetishes: Tits, Pussy Eating, Deepthroat, Anal, Toys, Rough Sex, Threesome, MFM, Double Penetration, Double Anal, and Double Sucking.

Wonder Slave | Starfire | 4K Renders

Gold Patron, Patrons Club

Exclusive for Gold Patrons – a mini set of images with Starfire, Joker, Harley, Minions, and Wonder Woman. There are 18 artworks in 4k to sneak peek at some events in the Wonder Slave Trainer Episode 0.7.

Fetishes: Supervillains, Superheroes, Slave, Battle, Erotic, Fingering, Threesome, and Masturbation.

Red Sonja vs Goblins | 3D Comic

Patrons Club, Silver Patron

Exclusive for Silver Club. Red Sonja vs Goblins 3D Comic + Sonja Pin-up Bonus Pack.

The goblin rebellion is gaining momentum. Red Sonja, a barbarian warrior, is ready to fight the little green hooligans.
But goblins are very cunning and enterprising. What will happen if Red Sonja falls into their trap? Go inside and you’ll see it with your own eyes!