Whorelords of Draenor


Whorelords 2.0 public demo

23 Sep 2016

Thanks to the support of our patrons finally happened! The new demo version of Whorelords 2.0.2 is available for free download. Try it now! Download

Mysterious stranger

23 Jul 2016

Preparing a new character for the Whorelords. And yet you can see renderings of the mysterious stranger.. Soon it will appear in the game. Who is she? And what is she doing here?   Latest the Whorelords download: http://whorelords.com/download/          

Whorelords of Draenor project on Offbeatr

01 Aug 2015

Day ago we launched Whorelords project on Offbeatr. The first results encouraging, we have already collected 5% of the vote. Help Orc Whorelords to conquer the Azeroth¬†and hardcore fuck beautiful heroines of World of Warcraft!   Vote for us on Offbeatr!