Poll: Kitty – Which one is better?

04 Jun 2019

The last favorite heroines poll told me that we need to rework the Kitty model (and some other heroines too later). So meet my new works… 1. Kitty v2.0 (with human skin) 2. Kitty (New Model) Check out 4k samples before you vote!

Poll: Your Favorite Heroines

27 May 2019

It’s time to choice the best heroines for the First Breeding Scenes in the Fallen Heroine game 😉 And decide who needs some glamour tune up too! First check HD pics of all these heroines: Vote for ALL your favorite waifus! You can vote for…

Poll: Succubus – Hair Color

23 May 2019

Thanks for your votes in my last succubus poll. The new model received the majority of votes, so now, you can select what color hair would you like.

Poll: New Succubus – Dark or Fair

23 May 2019

I finished a little beauty rework of the last Succubus model. As an alternative, I prepared a Blonde Succubus. So what do you think, folks? 1. Dark Succubus v2.0 (more cute face) 2. Blonde Succubus (New Model) Check out 4k samples before you vote!

Poll: Races of New Heroines

31 Mar 2019

I’m still working on cool female characters for the Fallen Heroine. So you can help me a lot to choice the right fantasy races for our sexy girls.