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FALLEN BARBARIAN – Running & Fighting Tactic

09 Jul 2019

It’s an important action for any modern fighting game. Now your sexy barbarian has a super mobility. By Running a player can: Approach the opponent quickly but sticking to the ground 2. Stop at any moment, with freedom to block, to perform a Low Attack,…

FALLEN BARBARIAN – Super High Strike: Rip her Bra off

26 Jun 2019

It’s the right time to use the Super High Blow to destroy armored bra of your enemies now! Enjoy 🙂 Super Strike vs Armor It easily rips your enemy’s bra off (or her panties, if she’s jumping). You don’t need to destroy enemy’s health in…


16 Jun 2019

High Strike is a new useful skill for a pretty female barbarian to cut a lewd goblin in two.This combat ability can also help to defend yourself from an air attack (flying kick) or maybe parry the sword flying right in your head.

FALLEN BARBARIAN – Rolling: Combat Skill

09 Jun 2019

The Rolling is an unique barbarian skill to knock over an enemy and dodge a sword flying to head or paws of lustful goblins… There’re so much troubles for female heroines in my games. So now we’ve a good rolling skill to fight vile creatures…

Poll: Kitty – Which one is better?

04 Jun 2019

The last favorite heroines poll told me that we need to rework the Kitty model (and some other heroines too later). So meet my new works… 1. Kitty v2.0 (with human skin) 2. Kitty (New Model) Check out 4k samples before you vote!

Poll: New Succubus – Dark or Fair

23 May 2019

I finished a little beauty rework of the last Succubus model. As an alternative, I prepared a Blonde Succubus. So what do you think, folks? 1. Dark Succubus v2.0 (more cute face) 2. Blonde Succubus (New Model) Check out 4k samples before you vote!

Fallen Heroines Alignment Chart

20 May 2019

We’ve finished with basic characters in the Fallen Heroine, so I can show you something interesting. Maybe you saw something like this one: So, you’ll be okay with the Fallen Heroines Alignment too.  Enjoy 🙂 I hope if all goes well with the support of…

FALLEN HEROINE – Lilith the Fallen Angel

20 May 2019

The succubus got the most votes in the races poll. So, meet Lilith, a lewd demon who feeds by the pleasure of mortals. She knows well what everyone needs. Strengths: Lilith can get a huge DICK to destroy the resistance of other heroines. The fallen…

FALLEN HEROINE – Cruelle the Drow

13 May 2019

This is Cruelle, a little bit crazy, eccentric and unpredictable lady from the powerful drow clan. This hot milf with icy grace and flashing eyes loves to subject the cute guys or sweet maids to a sexual torture. Her sexy power is overwhelming. Sometimes even…

Fallen Barbarian – High Block Stance & Gameplay

08 May 2019

A plenty ugly creatures are waiting in the dark to see the barbarian tits… So now our heroine can protect her beautiful head from any oral intruders or her bra from enemy swords. As you can see she also learned to defend her ass and…

FALLEN HEROINE – Angel Aniel the Joy of God

01 May 2019

“A fallen angel, in the darkNever thought you’d fall so farFallen angel, close your eyesI won’t let you fall tonight Fallen angel …” Three Days Grace. I’m thinking about to make Angel Aniel a playable character in the Fallen Heroine. She will start her angelic…