Fallen Heroine


Fallen Heroine – Kitty the Warrior & mr. Rat

11 Mar 2019

Without further ado, I introduce you one of the most unusual couples in Fallen Heroine. Kitty was a human, but her promising warrior career as a guild adventurer was broken when she has started to release her big dream to become a “Big Kitty“. But…

Project Fallen Heroine – Sister Helga the Nun

26 Feb 2019

If you’ve a sin of fapping on MILFs, let me introduce an appropriate heroine to you! Sister Helga the Nun has sworn to fight with Devils, so every player gets a plenty troubles, if he’ll not find a way to defeat her. But his minions…

Project Fallen Heroine – Belinda

05 Feb 2019

This’s Belinda, the Good Witch. She used the most powerful magic to enlarge her tits 🙂This heroine can destroy almost all your minions by a dark street magic. And she’s looking super sexy when flying on her broom! Enjoy!