Zuleyka’s Commission


If you have any dark secret fantasies, I’ll be glad to work on an interesting order.

I’ll transform your filthy conception into a juicy, appetising and high-quality art-work…


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Commission Rules

No Illegal Content: Shota, loli or underage. No guro,  scat, vore. I will not do it. Sorry.


single character of your choosing (male, female, beast, monster etc) 40$
Extra characters will cost +20$
Specific  backgrounds/props will cost +10$
I can render a hot animation in full-HD quality Octane Render 130$


Tell me what you want. You can send an example. Click on “Submit” and for a humble fee, me with

my monsters will be happy to fuck anyone the way you wish in luscious and technicolor 3D scenes…


Commission Request

Just write me to my E-mail or PM me on Patreon!

zuleyka 3d commissions